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You helped build a legend?

Project 370Z

Project 370Z

Built by the Nissan Facebook community, “Project 370Z” was the world’s first crowdsourced track car. From performance to design, decisions like suspension, exhaust, wheels, and more were left in the hands of Nissan fans. Check out the modifications that made the 370Z dream car a reality, and a legend in the industry.


  • Project 370Z Stage One

    Project 370Z Stage One

    Find out how the car was prepped for the first round of fan-driven modifications.

  • Project 370Z Stage Two

    Project 370Z Stage Two

    Watch how the look and feel changes to match the maximum horsepower under the hood.

  • Project 370Z Stage three

    Project 370Z Stage three

    See the first crowd-sourced 370Z designed by Nissan Facebook fans.