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Your phone could make your car cooler?

Remote Climate Control

Remote Climate Control

With remote climate control, the interior climate of your Nissan LEAF® rests in the palm of your hand.

Remote Activation

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    Now you don’t have to be in (or even near) your vehicle to change the climate. With just one touch from your smartphone or computer, you can remotely activate climate control. Use the timer feature to turn on the heat or air conditioning, and your NISSAN LEAF will be ready when you are.

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Battery Life

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    You’ll save valuable battery power when you remotely start climate control before leaving home. Simply heat or cool your NISSAN LEAF while it’s still plugged into the 240-volt home charging dock. To maximize energy savings, you can charge the car during off-peak hours. Use your extra battery power to take a scenic drive, make a dinner run or drop off the dry cleaning.

Climate Display

  • Maximize comfort

    Maximize comfort

    With the NISSAN LEAF Remote Climate Control, you don’t have to guess what your car will feel like before you open the door. You’ll just know that it’s going to be perfect, every time. Thanks to this handy climate display, you’ll also know exactly how much power is being used to heat or cool your car’s interior. So when it comes to comfort, you’re always in complete control.

Carwings Technology

Stay connected

Telemetry is the technology that powers CARWINGS, the innovative new system that keeps you connected to your car, wherever you are.

  • Check Battery Charge

    Check Battery Charge

    Check your estimated range and battery charge status from your phone or computer. If you forgot to plug it in or the vehicle seems unplugged, CARWINGS will remind you with an automatic text message.

  • Automatic Notifications

    Automatic Notifications

    The system automatically notifies you when your charge has been interrupted for any reason, including blackouts. CARWINGS will also notify you the moment your charge is complete.

  • Find Charging Stations

    Find Charging Stations

    Whether you’re traveling across town or across the country, you can locate public electric vehicle charging stations through CARWINGS. Nissan validates that the providers in the CARWINGS database have installed Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE), which is approved to work safely with a NISSAN LEAF.