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A car could take over New York City?

Taxi of Tomorrow

Taxi of Tomorrow

Driving 230 million passengers a year, New York City taxis are burning more than just the midnight oil. When New York City started to create a “Taxi of Tomorrow” definition, fuel-efficiency was just one piece of the puzzle. This new generation taxi had to deliver innovative features for a top-notch passenger experience together with the highest safety standards, be accessible to everyone, and take up as little room as possible in the streets of the Big Apple. With a transparent roof for premium sightseeing, passenger climate controls, and standard USB ports, the Nissan NV200 won the hearts of New Yorkers. The fleet hits the Big Apple in late 2013, so be on the lookout.


  • Unveiling the Taxi of Tomorrow

    Unveiling the Taxi of Tomorrow

    Learn more about the car from Nissan CEO, Carlos Ghosn.

  • Hailing the Taxi of Tomorrow

    Hailing the Taxi of Tomorrow

    See how the Taxi of Tomorrow brings innovation and excitement to everyone.